Friday, March 11, 2011

Is the iPhone 4 the best?

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now that i some spent some quality time with the iphone 4 i can safely say its one of the best smartphones on the market as of today, but who knows what the future holds but even if a smartphone comes out and its better rest asure that the iphone 4 wont be far behind. but for right now its the best.

lets start with the screen, which apple has branded a "retina display." its the most crisp display ive ever seen. reading books the ibook app is stunning. amazon released an update to their popular kindle app just to take full advantage of the stunning display. once you step out of the apple hater circle, you really do need to hold the new iphone in your hands to see how great it is.

the best feature is facetime, which is what apple is calling the new video call feature. sure, others have tried to do video calling and have succeeded, but its never been this easy to do. on the iphone 4 all you have to do is tap the facetime button next to a contact you want to call and voila! a video call between you and whoever has a iphone 4 or ipod 4g is underway.

however, im disappointed that its not yet ready for use on 3G networks right now and thats sucks, once they get that then iphone 4 will be the best hands down, i mean until iphone 5 come out lol... oh and one more feature they need for facetime is 3-way video calling, (hint) for you Steve jobs lol...

what about the biggest complaint of all? you know what im talking about- dropping all those at&t calls. well i havent had any dropped calls since i had the phone, but others have, maybe its because apple redesigned the phone so that the antenna is built into the stainless steel body.

speaking of design, the form factor of this phone is super thin and incredibly solid. it makes my previous iphone 3G look bloated and old. the new droid x looks like it was designed by a committee that couldnt decide on one design so they combined two of them. everything about the build of this phone feels solid, even the stainless steel buttons.

so sure, there are great alternatives to the iphone on other carries like the aforementioned EVO and Droid X, but none are as polished as the lasted creation from apple. a remarkable display, beautiful hardware and intelligently designed software all add up to now make iphone 4 the phone to beat.